Territory: Mountains and lakes
Albergo Italia - Ornavasso

The town of Ornavassi, for its location at the feet of Mount Massone has always been considered “The door to the Ossola”, a border land between the sweet landscapes of the lakes – Maggiore, Orta and Mergozzo – and the sour tops of the Alps.
Lined by the Toce River, on which you can practice sport activities such as rafting, is the ideal town for nature, history and trekking lovers. Don’t forget also that the town has Walser origins and traditions and customs of this community are still very present and strong between the people.
Getting out from the Albergo Italia and going towards the town centre, you can start a tour that twists from the Main Square to the “Madonna del Boden Sanctuary”, arising on the one called “Twergi Mountain”, the wood imps, following the town tradition.
The first interest point is constituted by the rests of “Rotonda Crocefisso”, a tiny chapel with cupola; rising further you’ll find the parochial church of San Nicola, built with the pink marble of the Ornavasso mine and rich of worthy canvas and paintings.
Continuing the trip you’ll bump into the “Madonna della Guardia Sanctuary”, characterized by a circular form and by its sighting tower built exactly in front of the church. Following signalized paths or the asphalted road, you can reach also the Ancient Marble Mine, from which a part of the marbles utilized for the Duomo di Milano has been extracted.
An historic point of main importance is surely the “Cadorna Line”, accessible by feet, along the which you can visit bunkers and trenches from 1st World War, until you get to a little town named Migiandone.
For the ones who’d like to practise some trekking, from the “Madonna del Boden Sanctuary’s” square you can hike Mount Massone through different itineraries of different difficulties: the trip towards Alpe Cortevecchio, the walk to reach the “Three Crosses Top” and the excursion to “Capanna Legnano” (overnight stay recommended)
For more information about the excursion activities you can ask the reception, the staff will provide you with all the references you need.

The Hotel, being at the doors of Ossola, offers the possibility to visit all the seven valleys in the surroundings: Anzasca, Antrona, Bognanco, Divedro, Antigorio, Isorno and Vigezzo.
Ornavasso is not only a mountain territory: the closeness to the lakes gives many opportunities to visit the shores of Lake Maggiore and the Borromee Islands; the natural Parks of Villa Taranto and Villa Pallavicino; the location of Stresa is renowned for its luxury hotels and for the nearby Golf Club Alpino of Stresa; the towns of Cannero and Cannobio; just to mention some of the most famous territorial attractions.
Don’t lose more time! Book your vacation and come to visit the town of Ornavasso between history, culture, nature and gastronomic traditions.

Main events in Ornavasso:
- Festa di San Sebastiano in January, with the blessing of agricultural tools and animals.
- Festa del Bosco in April, with the traditional Mass.
- La vita fra Leponti e Walser on the 1st of May, a gastronomic walk between gardens and routes.
- La Sagra del Cinghiale a Migiandone, a gastronomic celebration to taste the ossolan specialities.
- La Grotta di Babbo Natale, an event thought for the children